Graphic Design

The Vintage Aviator : High resolution fluid site

The Vintage Aviator. Front page 2008

The Vintage Aviator is an intensely visual website, showcasing a local workshop that produces handmade aircraft and replica gear. It was built over an extended period using Drupal 5.

I was the sole technical developer, working in association with Mark Williams of Gomi who provided all the graphics. I wrote up a huge technical case study for and the site design has received critical acclaim from many places.

Advertising Flyers - Rockbar & Alehouse

Rockbar Flyer 1

In the course of my promotional activities, I created menus, posters, advertisements and flyers for the bars I worked at. Here's a small sample

Seascape Sail, Dodecanese, Greece

Seascape sail, 2003

While working on my bar in Greece, I also had the opportunity to revamp the online presence of Seascape Sail - yacht charters throughout the dodecanese and more. dolphin

Gallery Dimopoulos - Online art exhibition

Gallery Dimopoulos (1999)

Online art, new media, virtual installations.

We created a showcase for not only the original artwork of Konstantin Dimopoulos, but new web effects and some electronic-only experimental works and interactive exhibits.

New Zealand Qualifications Authority - Document organization and publishing

NZQA Browse Screen

...makes thousands of documents easily accessible across dozens of platforms.

The NZQA maintains & publishes a database of all the skills and dependancies required for all courses, sub-components, diplomas and degrees that make up the New Zealand education system.

This information was made public using the interface I coded.

Fastnet Online Banking


Ease of use, corporate branding & speed of download were major priorities in the design of Fastnet - New Zealands first & most successful Online Banking application.

In designing the interface for ASB Bank, I successfully addressed all these issues and many more and a top-class site was launched in April 1999.

Creative New Zealand - Arts portal and database

Creative New Zealand front page as it appeared 1998

Artistic and striking, this designer site also leverages a powerful database and a wealth of funding information.

In addition to coding over 100 content pages, I also steered the creation of the sleek navigation interface and database lookup screens.

Transpower New Zealand - Corporate website

Transpower New Zealand website, as it was upon project completion 1998

A small but extremely tidy corporate publication site.

60 Pages of content, including an interactive map of the national power grid and easily updated online magazine.

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