Gallery Dimopoulos - Online art exhibition

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Gallery Dimopoulos (1999)

Online art, new media, virtual installations.

We created a showcase for not only the original artwork of Konstantin Dimopoulos, but new web effects and some electronic-only experimental works and interactive exhibits.

My Primary Roles:

  • Conceptual design
  • Java Applet coding & testing
  • 3D modelling
  • Graphic production

This was a creative exercise intended not only to create a web presence for the artist and his works, but to push in some new directions using the technology that was becoming available.

Working closely with Kon and other team members, we produced (site now replaced))

Inside the site I created several complex java applets, some navigational, some more interactive.

There is a small 'virtual gallery' of existing physical works, but also several 3D (VRML) 'sketches' of installation works in progress or other concepts.

A bundled version of the entire site is available for download as a Microsoft Help CHM file (download before opening)