Many years of administration experience with Apache webserver on both Windows and Linux platforms, as webmaster and ISP support.

University of Victoria, Wellington NZ

Victoria University homepage 2000

The university website encompassed tens of thousands of pages within hundreds of sub-sites. As webmaster, I was responsible for the internet connectivity for thousands of clients as well as legacy and development support for all things 'web'.

Gallery Dimopoulos - Online art exhibition

Gallery Dimopoulos (1999)

Online art, new media, virtual installations.

We created a showcase for not only the original artwork of Konstantin Dimopoulos, but new web effects and some electronic-only experimental works and interactive exhibits.

Fastnet Online Banking


Ease of use, corporate branding & speed of download were major priorities in the design of Fastnet - New Zealands first & most successful Online Banking application.

In designing the interface for ASB Bank, I successfully addressed all these issues and many more and a top-class site was launched in April 1999.

New Zealand Electronic Commerce


A forum for discussion & publication of issues relating to the development of Electronic Commerce in New Zealand.

My Primary Roles:

  • Site hosting & registration, Server setup
  • Development of administration area and functionality
  • Content layout
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