Fastnet Online Banking

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Ease of use, corporate branding & speed of download were major priorities in the design of Fastnet - New Zealands first & most successful Online Banking application.

In designing the interface for ASB Bank, I successfully addressed all these issues and many more and a top-class site was launched in April 1999.

My Primary Roles:

  • Perl/CGI coding
  • Interface redesign
  • Graphic production

Along with a rebranding of the corporate site, I coded routines to make new banking functionality available to the public using a custom-built demo.

This involved coding scripts to emulate the behaviour of the high-security JADE database in a platform independant way.

Fastnet enables customers to securely check balances, display & download statements, transfer money between accounts (including credit cards), integrate transaction records with Microsoft Money or Quicken packages, pay bills, and to view & pay invoices ('NetBills') from selected debtors.

The demo was coded in PERL, and made available both through a low-security website, and as a stand-alone application server, capable of running on CD. Even off CD it was capable of making and recording transactions and emulating a complete user banking session.

The demo was accessed hundreds of times a day, and the high-security application is used regularly by a user base of over 20,000 customers.