The Vintage Aviator : High resolution fluid site

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The Vintage Aviator. Front page 2008

The Vintage Aviator is an intensely visual website, showcasing a local workshop that produces handmade aircraft and replica gear. It was built over an extended period using Drupal 5.

I was the sole technical developer, working in association with Mark Williams of Gomi who provided all the graphics. I wrote up a huge technical case study for and the site design has received critical acclaim from many places.

lightbox image gallery

The site itself contains many unique features I developed, some of which are behind the scenes, some of which are purely aesthetic, but the most special is the smooth proportional scaling of images and borders within a fluid (variable-width) screen. All pages are laid out in such a way as to fill the screen with a dense magazine-style balance whether viewed on 800x600, 1600x1200, or anything in between. This is pretty special.

resize animation

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