New Zealand Qualifications Authority - Document organization and publishing

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HTMLSite Architecture
NZQA Browse Screen

...makes thousands of documents easily accessible across dozens of platforms.

The NZQA maintains & publishes a database of all the skills and dependancies required for all courses, sub-components, diplomas and degrees that make up the New Zealand education system.

This information was made public using the interface I coded.

My Primary Roles:

  • Advanced HTML layout
  • Information design
  • Intensive Cross-platform Coding

My first challenge was to develop a search metaphor that could present the dynamic database of tens of thousands of individual MS Word and PDF documents in an aesthetic way.

Visit the site and you'll have to agree that was achieved well.

My second was to make sure it looked perfect in every browser down to Netscape 2 on the Macintosh. Being an educational establishment, the target audience was seen to have an eclectic mix of platforms from which these pages would be viewed. Printing on all platforms was to be supported as well.

On the web such a feat is often almost impossible, but the results were (finally) excellent.

The target platform was IIS3 using ASP, but I was responsible only for the interface design and layout. I provided sets of extremely modular file fragments which were converted to routines on the target server.

My partnership with the staff inside NZQA was extremely co-operative and fruitful.