Seascape Sail, Dodecanese, Greece

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Seascape sail, 2003

While working on my bar in Greece, I also had the opportunity to revamp the online presence of Seascape Sail - yacht charters throughout the dodecanese and more. dolphin

An older style site was converted into more browser-compliant code, and several features were added.

Some Features:

  • Advanced navigation tree, similar to a help system. Based on an automatically generated RSS sitemap.
  • Interactive DHTML sailing 'game' where you could 'plot your course' by visiting the islands and seeing details about them
  • A downloadable screensaver, presenting an atmospheric, animated slide show.

    ... It's really a nice screensaver. Quite long, and not exciting, but it definately tells a story and makes you want to be there! The Web-viewable version can be viewed here (1.8MB, but it's 60 photos), or the screensaver install package can be got from the live site.

  • An online editing script built into the server, so the site maintainer could view the site, press "edit" and see the editable parts of the page turn into form fields. Pressing "save" made that update live.

    The site remains static files. The tool (a version of one I've developed for other environemnts) was built in Perl.

part of the interactive map game