Extensive work in client-side scripting, from the first release of web scripting, through DHTML, then DOM and AJAX. Some familiarity with the JQuery library (as well as hundreds of historical pop-up-menus and similar tricks).

Seascape Sail, Dodecanese, Greece

Seascape sail, 2003

While working on my bar in Greece, I also had the opportunity to revamp the online presence of Seascape Sail - yacht charters throughout the dodecanese and more. dolphin

Telecom New Zealand - Intranet

Telecom Intranet (Sales and Service) 2002

The Telecom Intranet is one of the largest in the country (along with the Inland Revenue Department and Department of Labour, which I also worked on).

I coded a custom web management system to convert the thousands of independantly created subsites and pages into a common look and feel, and apply a new, self-maintaining navigation system site-wide.

Transpower New Zealand - Corporate website

Transpower New Zealand website, as it was upon project completion 1998

A small but extremely tidy corporate publication site.

60 Pages of content, including an interactive map of the national power grid and easily updated online magazine.

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