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Dan Morrison dman
176b Tory st
Wellington Wellington 6000 NZ
[+64] 21 169 2879

To save you time, the buzzwords most obviously missing from this acronym collection (as of 2009) are: .NET, VB and if you care, C++ and ActiveX.

Computer Experience

Good skill with MS Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP.
Advanced helpdesk and troubleshooting roles as a LAN/Intranet Administrator (combined MS and Linux).
Much experience supporting the entire MS Office suite and many other software packages.
Good skill with Apple Macintosh through to OSX. Macintosh network & software troubleshooting skills as well as proficiency with common design packages including PhotoShop and the Macromedia Suite Dreamweaver Fireworks and Flash.
Advanced Sysadmin skills under Unix/Linux (Ubuntu + Debian mostly). Key abilities include Email maintenance, TCP/IP Network configuration, Webserver setup & related protocols, Backup duties, Security issues & monitoring, Windows and database connectivity.
Good knowledge of hardware maintenance, upgrades, and OS installations on all above platforms.

The Web

With over 15 years in-depth experience in web programming, most of my current skills and interests are in this area. Strengths include:

  • Advanced knowledge of cross-browser, cross-platform issues.
  • Concentrated experience in back-end database connectivity and mission-critical transactional websites.
  • Professional knowledge of leading-edge internet security, e-commerce, social impact, and HCI/useability issues.
  • Commitment to open standards validation and accessibility best practices.


With many duties for many clients, I have developed good skills in numerous web-related duties & disciplines, these include

HTML Highly Skilled, Head coder in many unique & challenging professional projects.
Advanced in XHTML and CSS. Much experience in user support and tutoring. Deep knowledge of version and compatibility issues between browsers.
XML/XSL Development experienced in coding using the various XML models under PHP, MSXML and Perl. Advanced research and code in RDF, OWL ontologies, Taxonomies, namespaces and XSL transformations for structured knowledge management and content scraping.
JavaScript Highly advanced, Responsible for several web-based applications developed in JavaScript, as well as the common client-side scripting tasks.
Development experience in several related technologies such as WSH, WSC, ASP & COM under JScript.
CGI Highly advanced, many years experience coding & maintaining web transactional interfaces.
PERL Advanced, coded many server-side solutions including many website maintenance tools, legacy database middleware, demos, and stub applications.
SQL Competent, involved in several development projects, sole coder in others. (ODBC, MYSQL, MSQL)
PHP Very Good, developed and maintained many web-based applications, mostly using databases. Several years of advanced development under the Drupal CMS
ASP Advanced, sole coder in several development projects, troubleshooter and maintainer in many others. Using ECMAScript/JSCRIPT, not VB.
Java Good, coded on several commercial web-based projects, some server-side development.
Graphic production Competent, often responsible for original graphic production and processing using PhotoShop, Fireworks, Paintshop Pro, Inkscape, and animation packages. Highly experienced in slicing and converting supplied designs into dynamic, fluid layouts.
Multimedia Good, created several projects using Macromedia Flash and CD-ROM presentations, screensavers and demos. Knowledgeable about media issues such as Content Distribution Networks (CDN), and embedded metadata management.
Webserver Administration Very Good. Responsible for Apache server configuration (on Linux, OSX & Win32) and IIS installation/administration and security on multi-user systems. Related networking skills.
Also cache management (SQUID), intrusion detection, logging and performance analysis (WebTrends & others).

Other Web-related disciplines I am experienced with and been responsible for in a commercial environment include:

XML, XSL, RSS, VRML(1.0), SVG, XMP, TCP/IP networking, DNS configuration, FTP clients & servers, Telnet/SSH, Secure Servers, Browser support & testing, Stress testing & download optimisation, Dial-up networking, LAN and Intranet configuration, Helpdesk & web tutoring.

Other Technical Skills

  • Development experience in source control systems and source documentation management.
  • Instant intuitive pick-up of new applications and protocols.
  • Web-savvy. Experience and knowlege of existing standards and technologies, plus ongoing research into emerging developments.
  • A commitment to semantic web and related technologies. I enjoy defining and managing metadata and publishing real data using open standards.
  • Team Skills - I have enjoyed working as both an employer and employee in healthy, cooperative-operative environments, as well as some highly stressful ones.
  • Graphic art - Having worked several times as a sign-writer and illustrator, as well as layout editor of a small paper, I create original and balanced graphics which I apply to my user interfaces and site designs.
  • Technical skills - practical experience with Power, Lighting, Network and Audio rewiring, and all sorts of Mechanical repairs.