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Dan Morrison dman
176b Tory st
Wellington Wellington 6000 NZ
[+64] 21 169 2879

In my assorted experiences around the world, I've done and learned many things in many jobs.

While working for two years as a Bar Manager/DJ in Greece, or as a cocktail juggler in the local TGI Friday's, I've often been the friendly ear behind the bar to regulars, staff and strangers alike. I was well-known as an open guy in the not-so-small tourist town I made my home.

I know what it takes to keep a productive environment up and running. When it was necessary to work 17 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep Alexander 24-hour bar running well, I did it. And it worked. Similarly, being responsible on a 24-hour basis for all the corporate websites hosted by my company required a lot of commitment and loyalty. Being the man on the spot for every question and issue within the teams was challenging, but I would often work as many hours at it took to get a product or a project out the door and up to the high standards I stick to.

I've been responsible for hiring and supporting staff, and also worked independently or as an add-on troubleshooter for large organizations - who would then call me back by name. In each situation my commitment has been to doing the job correctly, sometimes despite the extra unappreciated hours.

I'm used to putting in 100% and getting back the same energy.