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Technical Skills -Dan Morrison

To save you time, the buzzwords most obviously missing from this acronym collection (as of 2009) are: .NET, VB and if you care, C++ and ActiveX.


In my assorted experiences around the world, I've done and learned many things in many jobs.

While working for two years as a Bar Manager/DJ in Greece, or as a cocktail juggler in the local TGI Friday's, I've often been the friendly ear behind the bar to regulars, staff and strangers alike. I was well-known as an open guy in the not-so-small tourist town I made my home.

Hospitality & Bar

Hospitality Employment History

Summary in reverse order.

Dan Morrison - CV/Resume


Greetings! Welcome to my autohagiography!

My assorted history has been split up into sections ... so you can find industry-specific info without the rest of my career getting in the way.

I've spent many nights throwing glasses in the air as a cocktail guy, and many days building big websites and systems. Just trying to achieve some sort of balance! You'll find more tech stuff around here someplace too...

Dan Morrison - Work History

Employment History

Summary in reverse order. For more details, please check the Portfolio.

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