Dan Man is coding again!

I'm now open for contracts again, so if you really want to give me money, you could check out my CV , portfolio, or tech solutions, and make me an offer. :-)

Get me at dan[AT]coders.co.nz .

My online identities (for trackbacks) include 'dman', 'danDman' and 'MelonMan' and variations thereof. [+64] (0)21 169 2879
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The ignorant sysadmin

So, I've been given charge of a suite of servers. Some of them scratch machines, some dev boxes, and one or two absolutely mission critical.
None of them have much of a management scheme in place and I need to get a handle on what changes have been made to them and what they do. More importantly, I need to record this is a way that will be accessible to those that come after me.

We have an internal wiki, and there are many clues to be gained from it, however it would be an exaggeration to say that those docs contain what I need to know.

The Vintage Aviator : High resolution fluid site

The Vintage Aviator. Front page 2008

The Vintage Aviator is an intensely visual website, showcasing a local workshop that produces handmade aircraft and replica gear. It was built over an extended period using Drupal 5.

I was the sole technical developer, working in association with Mark Williams of Gomi who provided all the graphics. I wrote up a huge technical case study for drupal.org and the site design has received critical acclaim from many places.

Sticky Pictures

Sticky Pictures Website, Front Page, 2009 revision

Sticky Pictures is a local film and television production company. I was asked to upgrade their website to a system that would enable them to update news updates and new content.

Using Drupal CMS, I migrated the older content and the original design (originally from dnation) into an XHTML-valid theme, and modified some features.

The site contains a few basic features, including: Video Clips, WYSIWYG editing, Custom Award badges.

sorted.org.nz - Conversion to CMS

sorted.org.nz 2007-12

Sorted is a portal project created by the Retirement Commission of New Zealand providing tools and advice on money management to the public.

It contains many online calculators for assistance in budgeting, investment and borrowing, helping people plan for their goals, or review the true costs of financial planning.
More about Sorted

Import HTML

Import HTML logo

The import_html.module was developed to assist migrating from old, static file sites (or spidered mirrors) into the Drupal CMS

OurMedia! - small community news site

EPMU website - 2007

OurMedia represents the media branch of the NZ Engineering, Printing & Manufacturing Union. This was a small-budget site set up to handle news releases for union members.

With no great design or technical requirements, and limited 'brochure' content to begin with, this was mostly an exercise in rapid set-up.

Advertising Flyers - Rockbar & Alehouse

Rockbar Flyer 1

In the course of my promotional activities, I created menus, posters, advertisements and flyers for the bars I worked at. Here's a small sample

Seascape Sail, Dodecanese, Greece

Seascape sail, 2003

While working on my bar in Greece, I also had the opportunity to revamp the online presence of Seascape Sail - yacht charters throughout the dodecanese and more. dolphin

Telecom New Zealand - Intranet

Telecom Intranet (Sales and Service) 2002

The Telecom Intranet is one of the largest in the country (along with the Inland Revenue Department and Department of Labour, which I also worked on).

I coded a custom web management system to convert the thousands of independantly created subsites and pages into a common look and feel, and apply a new, self-maintaining navigation system site-wide.

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