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ASB BANK Main site as it appeared July 1999

Over an extended development period, I gave the site a complete makeover into the corporate look.
Many features were added, and the almost all the content re-drafted.

My Primary Roles:

  • Technical lead / Team leader
  • Head Coder
  • Content & Development change control
  • Layout and testing

Working as Technical lead for a development team of between 4 and 8, I was responsible for not only keeping together dozens of development threads, but also coding many of the more advanced and delicate parts of the site myself.

The site navigation was designed to take advantage of DHTML code, with pop-up menu navigation giving access to the wider range of content available.

A new dynamic site maintainence metaphor was developed using XML to generate not only a heirachical site index, but every unique navigation bar in the site in one process.

Every week throughout the 8 months of development, I was called on as the net expert and troubleshooter on matters both technical and new-media by both Cardinal Systems - the database server developers, and ASB Management, Marketing and Business units.