ASB BANK 1997 - Online Banking

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ASB BANK Main site as it appeared through 1997 and 1998

New Zealands first online banking service was made available with the release of the ASB BANK website

My Primary Roles:

  • HTML coding and layout
  • Content control
  • Regular updates of content and periodicals

A major step forward in electronic commerce, the ASB BANK site contained several hundred pages of static information, several dynamic features such as up-to-the minute rates and fees (including a java foreign exchange calculator using live rates), and Fastnet - online banking.

Other features of the site included a Real Video news broadcast and a Java Applet 'click and win' competition.

During the life cycle of the project, I was responsible for many day-to-day maintainence tasks, consistant branding, promotional specials and competitions, and new features.

The site was hosted on Cardinal system's JADE server, and I worked closely with the development team there to manage both the dynamic pages and release testing.